About Us

We are a group of fourteen young people from Croatia and Germany. We participated in the project because we were interested in meeting new people and knowing more about the topic. Here you see us, together with the leaders of the project, in front of the railway station in Zagreb:

from left to right, front row: Sylvia, Claus, Daria, Marija, Wiebke, Gaia, Valentina, Katarina, Petra, Vera (sitting)

from left to right, back row: Laura, Prisca, Marin, Bože, Stjepan, Aileen, Sascha

Institutions visited

We would like to thank all the institutions who met with us during our journey. We learned a lot!! For a detailed description pls see ‘Travel routes’

Project Organizers

The project was organized by Sonnenberg Kreis e.V. and I.tehnicka škola “TESLA” Zagreb in cooperation with Servas Germany e.V.

The Sonnenberg-Kreis e. V. is an independent and non-profit making organisation of international out-of-school education in Europe. Its conference centre, the International House Sonnenberg, receives thousands of visitors every year from all over the world, at events for adults, young people and families. Conferences focus on human rights, peace, solidarity, social responsibility. With the help of public subsidies – although Sonnenberg is politically and ideologically independent – participants of different national, ethnic-cultural and social origins and of different ideological background discuss cultural and social issues, the economy and the environment, work and leisure, present-day political as well as historical questions. As a non-profit-making organisation Sonnenberg exclusively pursues educational and cultural aims. Its activities serve the promotion of international and intercultural understanding.

The person in charge of the project was Sylvia Heinrichs, a member of the educational staff of Sonnenberg. Fur any further questions about the project please contact her: s.heinrichs@sonnenberg-international.de www.sonnenberg-international.de

I.tehnicka škola “TESLA” Zagreb was the Croatian partner in the project and organized all the Croatian contacts and the stay in Zagreb. A special thanks goes to Vera Loncar of Sonnenberg Croatia for establishing the contact and supporting the project!! http://www.tesla.hr/

For all overnight stays during the journey, we stayed with hosts of the peace organsation SERVAS. Besides providing us with shelter, food and inspiring talks, Servas Germany e.V. also supported the project financially and cooperated with Sonnenberg Kreis e.V. in the organization of the project. A special thanks goes to Inken Resa-Thomas, the deputy chairperson of Servas Germany e.V.

SERVAS is an international peace association that works to build international understanding by establishing personal contacts. SERVAS wants people from different cultures, backgrounds, races and religions to meet each other in their homes and really get to know each other.

SERVAS offers you the opportunity to reach out across cultures and overcome prejudices, to learn about each other’s problems and thus make a contribution to (world) peace.

More than 14,000 hosts all over the world open their doors to SERVAS travellers and allow them to share in their everyday lives for a few days. In more than 120 countries SERVAS hosts welcome travellers. www.servas.de


The project was implemented within the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE programme with support from the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”.

EUROPEANS FOR PEACE is a funding programme for international youth projects which encourages active engagement of young people in society based on historical awareness. http://www.europeans-for-peace.de/

In remembrance of the victims of National Socialist injustice, the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ) works to promote human rights and understanding between peoples. It also upholds its commitment to the survivors. The Foundation is thus an expression of the continuing political and moral responsibility of the state, industry and society for the wrongs committed in the name of National Socialism. http://www.stiftung-evz.de/eng/

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